Why manage your agile portfolio with Kiplot?

Enhance agility

Align portfolios with strategic objectives by utilizing Kiplot’s integrated planning, scenario analysis, OKR, and intelligent dashboard tools to accelerate delivery, and adapt to market and operational demands.

Ensure financial oversight

Centralize cost forecasts, CapEx tracking, and time recording for precise budgeting and seamless financial oversight of all portfolios.

Optimize resource utilization

Maximize operational efficiency by employing Kiplot’s dynamic resource capacity planning, ensuring optimal personnel allocation across agile teams.

Streamlined project integration

Integrate Jira and other tools with Kiplot to streamline workflows, reduce manual efforts, and enhance productivity across agile portfolios.

Drive value delivery with Agile Portfolio Management software from Kiplot

Capacity planning

Maximize Team Productivity

Optimize resource allocation within your agile portfolio to meet project demands and enhance productivity across agile teams with Kiplot's team capacity planning.

Enterprise Roadmap

Visualize Agile Maturity

Visualize your Agile Portfolio Management strategy with our Enterprise Roadmap, ensuring aligned execution across projects

financial and budgeting tools

Seamless Cost-Tracking

Control budgeting within your Agile Portfolio Management to maintain financial accuracy and prevent overruns.

portfolio kanban

Manage Worfkflow

Streamline sprint planning with critical agile tools such as Portfolio Kanban, enabling real-time progress tracking and adaptive workflow adjustments.

Seamlessly adopt agile with Kiplot's Agile Portfolio Management tools

Strategy Portfolio Planning


Streamline Goal Setting

Align enterprise goals with Agile Portfolio Management practices using our OKR framework to drive focused growth.

real-time data and dashboards

Retain Control With Data

Monitor your agile portfolio with fully customizable dashboards, offering immediate insight for swift decision-making across multiple epics.

risk and issue management

Proactively Manage Risk

Safeguard project timelines and deliverables within your agile portfolio using built-in risk visualization tools and comprehensive issue tracking.

Status reporting

Enhance Transparency

Navigate the complexities of agile environments with precise, real-time reporting to track initiatives and stakeholder engagement. Eliminating manual tracking.

Enhance agility across your portfolio with Kiplot's APM software

benefit and value realization

Laser Focus On Value

Align agile initiatives with strategic goals by clearly quantifying benefits and value, driving informed decision-making.

time recording

Accurate CapEx Management

Track time with precision ensuring optimal resource allocation and financial transparency. Streamline cost management to maintain budget integrity and enhance project accountability with a seamless Jira integration.

Jira Integration

Seamless Workflow Integrations

Dynamically synchronize Jira tasks with our agile management tools. Improve collaboration and efficiency by seamlessly integrating critical workflows and reducing manual entries.

Unite your existing systems

enterprise-grade security

Advanced Data Protection

Safeguard your agile portfolio with robust security protocols designed to protect sensitive data across all phases of project management. Kiplot is built to adhere to standards including ISO 27001, 27017 and 27002.

Learn how Kiplot accelerates delivery across agile portfolios

Our Customers

"Kiplot is a key enabler to our agile transformation"

"We adopted Kiplot’s Agile Portfolio Management platform and integrated it with our delivery tools (Jira) and finance systems (SAP). Kiplot has been a key enabler to our agile transformation agenda, driving efficiency, productivity and speed."

Samil Salim
Head of EPMO, TSB Bank

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Deliver Agility With Precision

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Streamlined integration, powerful technology, and user-centric design

Immediate agile integration

Simple to adopt immediately without the need for an extensive transformation program.

Lean, powerful technology

Equip yourself with the tools you need to plan, prioritize, and track your agile portfolio from strategy to execution.

Agile portfolio control center

Act as a dynamic orchestration layer, enabling you to swiftly adapt to market changes and maintain strategic agility.

User-friendly for all

Whether you’re technical or not, our software is designed to unify your teams under a single strategic vision, enhancing collaboration across teams.

Customizable agile dashboards

 Eliminate the hassle of manual report generation; utilize real-time data to make informed decisions quickly.

Enhance collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability with Kiplot's APM software

Explore more Kiplot features:

Portfolio Planning

Plan, execute and track your way to success

Reporting & Analytics

Enable your data driven organization

Financial Control

Forecast, budget, track and realize value


The cutting edge technology that underpins Kiplot

Portfolio Planning

Plan, execute and track your way to success

Reporting & Analytics

Enable your data driven organization

Financial Control

Forecast, budget, track and realize your route to value


The cutting edge technology that underpins Kiplot

Agile Portfolio Management (APM) blends agile methodologies with traditional portfolio management to improve flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness across an organization’s projects.

Kiplot simplifies complex portfolio management for large organizations by integrating key agile tools into one cohesive platform. It includes resource capacity management, financial oversight, JIRA integration, time tracking, and risk management. Designed for easy adoption, Kiplot supports strategic alignment without extensive transformation programs or disruptions.

Kiplot’s APM software streamlines agile methodologies into corporate strategies, facilitating rapid change response, better decision-making, and optimized resource allocation across projects.

Yes, Kiplot seamlessly integrates with widely-used project management tools, including a dedicated two-way Jira integration for comprehensive portfolio oversight without disrupting current systems.

Key features include real-time portfolio analytics, customizable dashboards, strategic resource allocation, risk management capabilities, and financial tracking, ensuring projects align with business objectives.

Kiplot uses advanced security protocols, including data encryption and secure cloud services, to ensure data confidentiality and protection. It meets rigorous enterprise security standards, including ISO 27001, 27017, and 27002.

Kiplot’s modular software scales with your organization, allowing you to start with essential features and add capabilities as needed. This ensures seamless transitions, minimal disruption, and continuous growth.

Absolutely, Kiplot’s cloud-based software supports remote and distributed teams, providing tools for collaboration and communication across different geographies.

Kiplot offers comprehensive training sessions, detailed user guides, ongoing customer support, and a dedicated help center to help users maximize the software’s benefits.

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