Initiative Roadmap

What is the initiative roadmap?

The Initiative Roadmap allows users to create and manage roadmaps through a number of different filters and lenses.

  • Initiatives can be created, planned, rescheduled, parked and prioritized
  • Users can see the % progress of initiatives and delivery status
  • Initiatives can be expanded to show the outcomes within them, allowing delivery managers to ensure that the current scheduling of features will meet the delivery requirements of the Outcome
  • Depending on how you configure the integration with jira within Kiplot, changes between Kiplot and Jira can be reflected in real time. This means that if you change the name of the initiative in Kiplot, the name will change on the ticket in Jira. Read more on how to configure this here.

Periods and period groups

Your roadmap will display with the time periods and time period groups that you’ve set up in the configuration. In the screenshot below, the time periods have been set to monthly and the period groups to quarterly. Read more about how to configure these here.

Filtering / Lenses

You can filter your Roadmap by a number of different fields and view it through different lenses. To filter your Roadmap, click on the ‘Add filter’ button:

You can then set filters from the drop down list. You can add as many filters as you want. For example, if you wanted to see 3 different Business Units, you would add all 3 in individually as a separate filter.

To change the lens view of your Roadmap, click on the three dots to the left of the filter button. This will bring up a list of Swim Lanes and Lenses.

  • Swim Lanes alter the way your Roadmap is divided under headings such as ‘Retail’ shown below. If you were to change this to ‘Team’, the Roadmap would appear in sections for each team visible in the current filter view.
  • Lenses alter the left hand section of each initiative block. The different lens views relate to information stored against individual initiatives. You can read more about these values on the initiative configuration page.
    • In the screenshot below the ‘RAG Status’ lens has been selected so red, yellow and green colours relating to the initiatives status are visible.

Creating and managing Initiatives

You can create an initiative in the Roadmap by clicking anywhere at the bottom of a swim lane within the roadmap. You can view outcomes assigned to an Initiative by clicking the down arrow next to the initiative name

You can also manage initiatives from the Roadmap:

  • You can amend the start and end date of an initiative by simply dragging either end of the initiative bar into a different period
  • If an outcome is scheduled to start or end beyond the designated timeline for its associated initiative, a dotted line will appear. In this instance you’d want to drag the blue initiative bar to match the end date of the outcome or reschedule the outcome to fall within the initiative’s timeline.

Clicking on an initiative will enable you to see the initiative’s detail page, allowing you to review and handle all associated information for the initiative. You’ll find more detailed information on setting up and managing initiatives in in the dedicated section on initiatives.

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