Outcome Groups

What are Outcome Groups?

The Outcome Groups feature in Kiplot enables your organization to categorize outcomes based on its specific requirements. It’s a simple feature designed to help with visual categorization. For example, if you have several outcomes associated with Financing, you can add them to an outcome group to get a view like in the example below:

Example of Financing as an Outcome Group

Where can I find this?

You can find this feature on the Outcome Planning page. By selecting the three dots on an outcome, you will see options to ‘Split Outcome’ or ‘Add to Outcome Group’. These two scenarios will enable you to use the Outcome Groups feature.

Add to Outcome Group

It is worth mentioning that choosing 'Add to outcome group' will not only enable you to incorporate the chosen outcome into an existing outcome group, but this is also how you would create a new Outcome Group in Kiplot. Both these actions can be done in the dropdown.

How to create a new Outcome Group or add an outcome to an existing group

Split Outcome

When you select split an outcome, you will be prompted to name and assign an estimate to the second iteration of the original outcome. You will also have the option to Create an outcome group. Checking this will allow you to name the Group that will house both the associated outcomes.

Splitting an Outcome on the Outcome Planning page

Once done, the original outcome and its second iteration will automatically be assigned to the same outcome group to represent the ‘split outcome’ relationship between them. Do note that outcomes that are already in an outcome group cannot be split further.

Outcome Detail Page

You will also have the ability to view and manage the Outcome Group associated with an outcome on the detail page of that specific outcome. This page is also where you would remove an outcome from an Outcome Group. To do this, simply click on the Outcome Group and select the delete icon represented by a cross .

Outcome Group as a field (top right of the Outcome detail page)

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