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What are Timesheet Approvals?

Timesheet Approvals is the process of which an employee’s tracked hours are reviewed and ‘approved’ by a Supervisor or Manager before being processed for payroll or billing purposes. Timesheet Approvals can play a crucial role in promoting efficiency, accuracy, compliance and accountability in managing employees’ time.

Enabling Timesheet Approvals

If you have subscribed to the Time Tracking module in Kiplot you can enable the Approvals feature in the Timesheet Settings. Note, only Kiplot Administrators have the permissions to do this.

You can find out more about how to Configure Timesheet settings in the Timesheet Configuration article.

Timesheet Approver Permissions

Timesheet Approvers need to have ‘Timesheet Approver’ permissions set. You can do this by going to ‘Manage Users’ on the left hand navigation bar and opening the permissions for the specific user.

Users who hold Kiplot Admin or Admin permissions for the entire application will also be able to Approve timesheets.

Approving a Timesheet

  1. Navigate to ‘Timesheets’ on the left hand navigation bar
  1. Open the Timesheet of the User you are approving time for by clicking on their name. You can either select them directly from the list or use the search bar on the top right.
  1. Once you’ve opened their timesheet you’ll see a red banner confirming that you’re viewing a timesheet of another User. To approve the timesheet, click ‘approve’ in the top right corner. A pop up will appear confirming the range you’re approving.
  1. Once you have approved the timesheet the values will turn blue and the approve button will appear greyed out as all of the values in the current time period you’re viewing are now approved.

Revoking a Timesheet

If you realize that you submitted a Timesheet in error, you can ‘revoke’ the Timesheet if you’re within the bookable time period.

You’ll need to navigate to the users timesheet (same steps as above) and click on the three dots to the right of ‘approve’. You will see the option to ‘Revoke Timesheet’.

You can only revoke timesheets for a full range. In the example below, if I want to revoke the approval for the 5 hours tracked against Operations > Business Analysis on Wednesday 13th March, I will have to revoke the entire week. Once you’ve revoked a Timesheet Approval, the values will turn red.

The User will now have to re-enter all of the values again until they turn grey before resubmitting their timesheet ready to be approved. Timesheet Approvers are also able to re-enter the values and re-submit on behalf of the User.

To find out more about entering Time, visit our Time Tracking Article.

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