Lean Project Accounting

Lean Project Accounting: The Blueprint for Mixed Portfolios Kiplot collaborated with AND Digital to develop the definitive blueprint for organisations looking to implement an lean project accounting methodology, as part of a wider agile transformation. The paper addresses a number of common challenges, including: Why does enterprise agile transformation demand a new approach to project …

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Resource Capacity Planning

Resource Capacity Planning Why is resource capacity planning different with agile? How should you start to approach it? According to Gartner, 92% of Corporate Strategists state resource allocation as the biggest barrier to effective strategy execution. Effective utilisation of capacity can accelerate delivery by as much as 40%.  In the context of a 5 year …

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Lean Budgeting

Lean Budgeting A high level introduction to Lean Budgeting, capacity-led funding and implications for investment governance. If you’re new to Lean Portfolio Management and have not yet familiarised yourself with the concept of Value Streams – we strongly recommend that you start there. You can follow this link to take you straight to our introduction …

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Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management An introduction to the implications of SAfE for your portfolio management function Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) encompasses a broad suite of capabilities, methods, ways of working, processes and operating principles that enables large organisations to instil agility into day-to-day change delivery. LPM achieves this by establishing an unbreakable golden thread between business …

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