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Help Center: Glossary

Term Kiplot Defintion Actual The expenses incurred during the execution of the initiative based on spend. Available Capacity The remaining effort of a team or individual within a period, excluding reserved capacity and capacity allocated to scheduled work. Budget The predefined allocation of money set aside for the initiative, representing the maximum amount of money

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Help Center: Portfolio Kanban

Documents What is a Portfolio Kanban Board? A Portfolio Kanban board is a visual management method used to track and manage work as it progresses through various stages of a delivery process. Portfolio Kanban boards in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) help organizations manage their Agile portfolio effectively, align work with strategic objectives, and maximize the

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Help Center: Jira Integration

What is Jira? Jira is a popular project management tool developed by Atlassian, widely used for issue tracking, project management, and agile software development. It provides a flexible platform that helps teams plan, track, and manage their work. As Jira is an extremely flexible system we’ve deliberately designed Kiplot to minimise the Jira configuration required

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Help Center: Timesheet Configuration

Only Users who have Kiplot Administration permissions can make changes to the Time Tracking Configuration What is Time Tracking? Time tracking or timesheeting refers to the process of recording the amount of time teams spend on tasks, enabling organizations to measure actual work against forecast. This data is critical to distinguishing between capital expenditures (CapEx)

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Help Center: Configuration

What is the Configuration Page? The Configuration Page is the central hub where the Strategic Portfolio framework is set up to align with your organizational goals. This includes configuring the timeline and business units, incorporating custom fields, specifying initiative and outcome details, defining team skills, establishing OKR measures, outlining lifecycle stages, integrating with other systems,

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Help Center: Value Forecasts

What are Value Forecasts? Initiatives and Outcomes are connected to strategy through value forecasts. Initiatives and Outcomes are connected to strategy through value forecasts. The value forecast is the measurable benefit the initiative/outcome is expected to deliver. As such, value forecasts are expressed in Measures (Revenue, Cost, Users, NPS Score etc.). These measures are configured

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