Help Center: Outcome Planning

What is the Outcome Planner? The "Outcome Planner" is the core engine in Kiplot that enables capacity planning by enabling you to dynamically and collaboratively prioritize, schedule and align work across teams. It intelligently considers the skills available across teams, available capacity, dependencies, and roadmap target dates, ensuring that resource utilization is optimized and that

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Help Center: Financial Tracking

What is Financial Planning? Financial Planning in Kiplot encompasses a comprehensive approach to managing an organization's financial activities to achieve its business objectives. It involves forecasting, planning, and tracking actual expenditures to ensure effective financial management. The distinction between Operational Expenditure (OpEx) and Capital Expenditure (CapEx) is crucial in Kiplot, allowing for accurate financial reporting

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Lean Project Accounting Whitepaper – The Definitive Blueprint

Lean Project Accounting: Enhance Efficiency and Financial Control in Agile Environments Download the definitive blueprint for organizations looking to implement a lean project accounting methodology as part of a wider agile transformation. Discover, with worked examples, how to originate, prioritize, invest and track return across a mixed portfolio. This paper addresses key subjects, including:

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